Wednesday, February 16, 2011

getting organized

for a virgo, i'm not exactly very organized at home.  i'm usually in such a rush to do other things that i kind of toss things wherever is convenient, which drives my fiance nuts.  perhaps it's the rush of warm weather we've been seeing in charlotte this past week that has me ready for spring cleaning.  or maybe it's just the idea that in a few months i'll be a wife.  but something has got me motivated and i'm not complaining - and neither is justin.  i've just finished getting my closet better organized (if you're looking to do this, too, kendi has some great tips).  now that i've got my clothes in order, the next stop is accessories. i've found the next great project (thanks pinterest!) to help me get my jewelry in order. 

this looks like it ought to be easy enough to recreate.  i'm not lucky enought to own as many necklaces as this boutique carries, but i think it would be a good way to store earrings as well.  i'm just looking forward to the day where i can choose a necklace and not spend 15 minutes detangling it.  if you have any other good ideas for accessory storage, comment away!

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