Wednesday, September 18, 2013

loving | the national

There was a time when I didn't really like The National. The band’s baritone vocals and sometimes somber lyrics had me thinking their songs were dull and depressing. My husband had been a fan of theirs for years, though, so naturally their music made frequent appearances on our playlists. And then one day, I just sort of started liking them. I think "So Far Around the Bend" got me there – it remains one of my favorite National songs and one of my favorite songs of all time. When High Violet came out, I added them to my regular music rotation and by the time their newest album, Trouble Will Find Me, was released, I was a fan. We got tickets to see them here in Charlotte at the lovely Fillmore and I was excited to see them live now that I actually liked them.

 The show was last Wednesday and you guys… I fell in love. Hard. It’s kind of like when a good friend becomes that perfect someone and you realize that up until you had them in your life you were missing a piece of yourself but didn't know you were missing it. Dramatic? Sure. But it’s the perfect metaphor because looking back, I truly can’t believe that I waited so long to love this band. I’m a girl who loves emotion and beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics in my music, which pretty much encapsulates The National. I just didn't notice it until they were right in front of my face.

And y’all – Matt Berninger. What a fox. During the show, he sang "Mr. November" and jumped off the stage and the crowd parted and he climbed up on the railing right in front of me. He was singing in my face. I touched him. I realize how ridiculous it sounds for a 35-year-old woman to be swooning in this manner, but I cannot help it. Yes, Matt, you are the one I think about when I’m sitting in my fainting chair drinking Pink Rabbits. In fact, I kind of need a fainting chair when I think of you.

In all seriousness, though, the show was phenomenal. It’s at the tippy top of my “Best of” list. Oh, and I forgot to mention, when we were eating at the diner before the show, Scott and Bryan (drummer and guitarist, respectively) were eating at the counter and my husband asked the waitress to put their meal on our tab. After dinner, they stopped by and thanked us and introduced themselves and they were super nice guys. It makes me happy to think that this band that I love is made up of genuinely down-to-earth dudes.

1/2 :: The Fillmore - such a pretty venue.
3/4/5 :: Rocking out.
6 ::  A terrible photo, but look how close he was!
7 :: I hate to see you go, but I love watching you walk away.  Me-ow.

Monday, September 9, 2013

motivation monday : building the new

this image is so appropriate for my work right now.  i am managing a huge project that involves a lot of change for an organization and employees very set in their ways.  it's a challenge, but when the program is complete, it will be a roadmap that we can utilize over and over again in other areas and provide so much development for so many people.  it's easy to get stuck in the tedium of the old, so i'm printing this and posting it on my desk to help me focus on the positive impact my work will have on others to keep me motivated!

weekend update

some good friends of ours took a last minute trip up to lake lure this past weekend and were kind enough to invite us to stay with them.  my parents graciously agreed to watch the dogs for us, so we drove up in the sunshine on saturday afternoon to our mountain getaway.  saturday night we grilled up some dinner and ate on the deck overlooking woods and a creek.  we drank wine and played with our friends' sweet daughter, junie.  and on sunday, we went on an adventure, exploring the town and taking pictures.  here are some of my favorites from the weekend...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the arduous journey that is growing out bangs...

i have had bangs for over five years now - they've been zooey deschanel thick and pixie-angled short and side-swept layered and everywhere in between.  and now, as i try to grow out my hair for winter updo potential, i am also growing out my bangs.

it is the worst.

[yes, i am writing an entire blog entry about hair while our country is debating a military strike on a foreign nation that (almost certainly) used chemical weapons on its own innocent people.  why do you ask?  if i think too much about what is happening in syria and how my country is responding, i get panic attacks and we're looking at the positive these days, so allow me to indulge in some very emotionally manageable hair talk, k?]

as i was saying, growing out bangs is the worst.  especially my thick, curly, yet somehow stringy bangs.  i learned a trick today, though.  if you pull your hair back in an updo and side swipe your bangs and shellac with hairspray so they won't even think about moving, you will feel polished.

i attempted this fresh style via the beauty department today, and while it's not nearly so perfect as in the photo (see my previous thoughts on perfection), it looks infinitely better than my usual frizzed out curlies or poofy unkempt ponytail.

this is probably one of the easiest short updo's i have tried - and i have tried several.  very unsuccessfully.

don't you just love the beauty department?  they make beauty novices like me feel great on a hump day.

loving: natural blendz

y'all.  look at this beauty i got with my lunch...

it is as delicious as it is beautiful.  organic oolong tea infused with prickly pear. sweetened with blue agave. with fresh lime, pineapple, and rosemary.  it is one of my favorite things on the planet.

if you live in charlotte, you must check out natural blendz.  go.  now.  i'll wait...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

things i'm into...

reading :: neil gaiman's neverwhere - just found out bbc radio made this into a series with james mcavoy, benedict cumberbatch and anthony head!
loving :: this cute tape (on sale now!) from petit collage
watching :: luther season 3, y'all!  or at least i will be when it premieres tonight at 10!
listening ::  i can't get enough of the new vampire weekend
wanting ::  this amazing crossbody bag from moorea seal

monday motivation : on perfection

ok, so technically, it's tuesday motivation, but yesterday was labor day and i took a day off from blogging!

this really rang true for me.  i have a tendency to feel that things need to be perfect - and often they are not, and then i give up or feel badly about myself.  i'm working on being okay with trying and understanding that there is beauty and learning in making mistakes...

image courtesy of emily ley