Monday, February 14, 2011

checking in on resolutions

every year i make quite a few new year resolutions.  but like most of the world, i'm not good at sticking to all of them.  this year, i made several resolutions - many of which were related to crafting.  one of those was to finish all of my started crochet projects before buying new yarn or starting another project.  this has proved challenging, especially each time i enter a hobby store that sells yarn.  but so far, i haven't broken my resolution.  and as a result, i'm well on my way to some very pretty finished projects.  here's a peek at what i've been working on:

this green v-stitch was started a couple of years ago and has just been sitting in a basket patiently waiting to be finished.  i love the light, airy feel of it.  i started it without a pattern and as a result, it's so wide that when it's finished, it will likely cover our queen bed.  the enormity of the project is what's kept me from working on it.  but knowing i can't start anything new until i finish it will hopefully get it done soon!

my very first completed granny square blanket makes me pretty happy.  all that's left is weaving in those pesky ends. 

the project i can't wait to finish is this fantastic green granny square blanket.  i fell in love with the variegated yarn and built a granny square around it.  this was postponed for a while because the variegated went out of stock and it waited so long i couldn't remember what yarn i was using for the solid purple!  i think i've got everything figured out now and am so excited to pick this one up again and complete it.

and then of course, there's the most tedious (but likely the most rewarding) project - 130 little red hearts for our wedding in june.  i've got about 30 done - just 100 more to go!

the upside of this resolution is that i'm feeling very motivated to get these done, and as a result, i've produced more finished projects in a short amount of time than usual.  i'll keep you updated on my progress! 

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