Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the arduous journey that is growing out bangs...

i have had bangs for over five years now - they've been zooey deschanel thick and pixie-angled short and side-swept layered and everywhere in between.  and now, as i try to grow out my hair for winter updo potential, i am also growing out my bangs.

it is the worst.

[yes, i am writing an entire blog entry about hair while our country is debating a military strike on a foreign nation that (almost certainly) used chemical weapons on its own innocent people.  why do you ask?  if i think too much about what is happening in syria and how my country is responding, i get panic attacks and we're looking at the positive these days, so allow me to indulge in some very emotionally manageable hair talk, k?]

as i was saying, growing out bangs is the worst.  especially my thick, curly, yet somehow stringy bangs.  i learned a trick today, though.  if you pull your hair back in an updo and side swipe your bangs and shellac with hairspray so they won't even think about moving, you will feel polished.

i attempted this fresh style via the beauty department today, and while it's not nearly so perfect as in the photo (see my previous thoughts on perfection), it looks infinitely better than my usual frizzed out curlies or poofy unkempt ponytail.

this is probably one of the easiest short updo's i have tried - and i have tried several.  very unsuccessfully.

don't you just love the beauty department?  they make beauty novices like me feel great on a hump day.

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  1. ha! i love this post & i would love to see you soon (with or without bangs)!