Tuesday, March 5, 2013

shows to start watching now

I love TV binge-watching.  Sometimes it's the best way to get into a new show because you don't have to wait another week to see what happens next.  My husband and I have spent many a lazy Sunday plowing through episodes of recommended "must-see" shows that we missed the first time around. 

Some of my favorite shows are off the air now and I'm anxiously awaiting their return.  If you're in the market for a weekend of TV relaxation, I recommend catching up on these shows before their new season begins:

1.  Sherlock (BBC)

Before Elementary on ABC, there was Sherlock on BBC. A new take on the Sherlock / Watson relationship set in present-day London, the episodes play like short movies, each at around 90 minutes. Each series (there have been 2) consists of three episodes.  I recommend watching on a cold, rainy day with a cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace.

2.  Homeland (Showtime)

I kind of can't believe that there are still people who haven't seen this show.  Filmed in my hometown of Charlotte, NC (what what!), Claire Danes stars as a CIA agent with a complex relationship with former marine/possible traitor Nicolas Brody, played impeccably by my TV boyfriend Damien Lewis.  With two seasons under it's belt, I dare you not to love this twisty-turny thriller and its complex characters.

3.  Luther (BBC)
I don't remember who recommended this fantastic BBC series, but I am forever grateful.  Idris Elba stars as the title character, John Luther, a Detective Chief Inspector in London's Serioius Crime Unit.  The show is dark and fast-paced with a lot of moral ambiguity to keep things interesting. 

4. Game of Thrones (HBO)

I didn't want to like this show.  I thought, "Oh yay, Lord of the Rings, only longer."  But my goodness, is it addictive.  It's another one of those anomoly shows where I like/care about very few characters (see:  The Walking Dead), but I can't. stop. watching.  It's a fun ride, but if you want to start watching, start soon.  Season 3 begins on March 31st.


  1. those are all on my list... game of thrones might be moving to the top.

  2. once you know who the characters are (there are a lot), GoT is the easiest to watch while crafting. the rest require quite a bit of attention so as not to miss anything. :)