Monday, March 4, 2013

music monday :: make it known 2.2013

my husband is one of those people who always knows the best places to find the latest in music, movies, and tv.  if i hear an entertainment news tidbit that i want to share, the conversation pretty much goes like this...

me:  did you know that ben stiller is...
him:  ...going to be in arrested development season 4?  yah.
me:  oh.  hey, did you hear that boardwalk empire...
him:  ...hired ron livingston as a regular!
me:  yah.  sigh.

that's pretty much how it goes around here and i've become comfortable with it.  it means that i have less work to do, really.  he is my entertainment news source.  he's also my perpetual dj.  and as of late, he's become one to our friends as well.

he's started a weekly email of music recommendations that he's calling "make it known." it's a mix of brand new music and old favorites and i thought i'd share them with all of you here.  i'll compile his selections into a monthly mix and post them here.  here's the mix from february - hope you find some new artists you like...

01. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside :: Party Kids
02. Alabama Shakes :: Always Alright
03. Solange :: Losing You
04. The Babies :: Alligator
05. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down :: We the Common
06. Matt Pond PA :: Love to Get Used
07. The Strokes :: All the Time
08. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper :: Bird Balloons

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