Friday, June 1, 2012

loving | college friends who've made it

my freshman year in college, my roommate jamsky and i were theater majors (she stuck with it, i didn't).  one of our theater friends devin kirk, a senior in high school at the time, was in a lot of scenes and shows with us.  jamsky and i just adored him - he was sweet and smart and very funny and wore pajama pants from the gap that had cows on them and was gay but hadn't come out yet (we spent too much time talking about "is he?" and "when is he going to come out?"). 

i can't remember exactly, but in what i imagine was boredom from rehearsing the same scenes over and over, we started our own fake school, which we named dj jazzy (d for devin, j for jamsky, and somehow, i was jazzy).  we made up a course catalog wherein we would teach students to be cool and their assignments would be doing our laundry and fixing us meals. 

devin and i also had parts in a pretty terrible play, called The Feigned Courtesan, where i played a foppish fencer named (i kid you not) Crapine.  devin had to wear a fake mole on his face.  i believe it was this play that made me realize i was not cut out for theater - let's just say, i lived up to the character name.

in our sophomore year, sadly (for us), devin graduated from high school and got in to UNC-Chapel Hill.  we kept in touch for a little while, but like so many of my high school and college friends, we lost touch. 

earlier this week, jamsky emailed me a link to elle decor.  it seems our sweet devin has made quite a name for himself in chicago and apparently has (thank the lord) come out of the closet.  his apartment is lovely and, though we haven't spoken in over 15 years (holy god, i am so old), i am so happy for him!

check out Devin Kirk’s Chicago Restoration on

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