Thursday, February 23, 2012

loving | west elm

i don't know why it's taken me so long to get on board with the west elm brand.  it was only once we bought our new place that i started to see the joy that is the west elm catalog.  our move coincided with a big bath sale, which coincidently needed the most updating.  so, we splurged and decorated with these items:

 the only problem with west elm is the cost associated with it - especially for a public school teacher & a corporate drudge.  i will say that the quality of many of their items is actually worth the high price, but we just don't have the type of budget that allows for splurging there all the time.  of course, this doesn't stop me from fantasizing about redecorating my home with $900 rugs and $400 nightstands.  just look at some of the to-die-for items:

clockwise from top: perch glass lamp, mini pebble wool jute rug, hand blocked pillow cover, wooden ombre vases, hand blocked quilt, kite kilim floor pouf

 in our most recent trip to the store, i fell in love with one particular kantha quilted throw.  they are supposedly one of a kind and handmade so, if you fall in love with one, you can't exactly order that specific one online. earlier this week and i came home to an amazing surprise from my husband.

 i think he's discovered it's always a win when he buys presents from west elm. :)

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