Saturday, March 5, 2011

my workspace

we really like a lot of things about the house that we're living in now.  but one of my favorite things about it is that we have enough rooms that i can have a workspace all my own.  little by little i've been adding to my craft room since we moved in about a year ago and, with the exception of a few changes, it's pretty much right where i want it.

Crazy about the desk - not so much about the curtains

all artwork by my very talented fiance

yarn!  where i can see it!

real live plants that I haven't killed yet

a place for storing projects in the works

i looove this room.  i wish that i could be in this room all the time.  sadly, i actually have to leave the house sometimes to go to work.  would anyone like to pay me lots of money to sit at this desk and make things for them?  please?

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