Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holiday swag

i hope everyone has been making rather merry this holiday!  between parties, good food, and gift giving, we at the twirling round household have been feeling very blessed.  and while the holidays aren't just about materialistic goods...it doesn't mean we can't obsess over the fun stuff we got, right?  so without further adieu, these were my favorite gifts from Christmas 2010!

philosophy state of grace mini fragrance set

have we talked about how much i love philosophy?  because i do.  i love their skincare products (the vitamin c peel is amazing) and i love their fragrances.  i prefer amazing grace to the rest, but each of the graces has something to be said for it.  i even like the baby grace and i usually despise "baby" scented items for grownups. 

essie sew psyched nail polish

okay.  so this was technically a gift for myself.  i picked it up while buying some philosophy products for my mom (she's a big fan, too).  but i have coveted this polish color for many moons and it was just sitting there at my local ulta waiting to be taken home.  i l-o-v-e this color.  i'm contemplating buying another 4 or 5 bottles so that i'll always have it once it's phased out.

verabel color study locket

perhaps you remember this locket?  i featured it a month ago along with every other style blog in the country.  little did i know that just a few days after i posted it here, my future mr. was ordering it for under the tree.  what a swell guy.  just reason 28349729 why i'm marrying him next year.

anthropologie monogram mug

i don't have much in the way of monogrammed things, but i sure do have a lot in the way of anthropologie.  now i have a pretty little mug that's mine all mine for sipping tea.  even better that the mug came with an anthro gift card inside!

simple times : crafts for poor people

this was a complete surprise because i didn't even know amy sedaris had a new book out.  a perfect mix of cute, humorous and a little bit disturbing.  but what else would you expect of amy sedaris?

there were lots of other great gifts i was fortunate enough to receive from friends and family, but these were my favorites.  what was your favorite gift this holiday season?

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