Monday, October 25, 2010

a love letter

i like to think i'm a thrifty shopper for the most part. i rarely spend over $100 on any one thing in my wardrobe, and i've never spent more than $35 on a bag before. until now.

a few weeks ago i fell in love with the most beautiful bag i've ever seen at anthro. i came very close to buying it at full price (which broke my $100 rule and then some). but instead, i spent my money on sale items and convinced myself that $40 on a sweater was a better buy - because not only was it in my price range, it was almost equally as cute and it had the added benefit of keeping me warm at my meat locker of an office.

my fiance and i are having our engagement photos taken on friday, and so i thought i'd shop the sales at anthro this past weekend to see if i could find something extra cute to wear. instead, i walked into the sale room and apparently turned into rachel zoe because i'm pretty sure what came out of my mouth was something like, "O-M-G, shut the front door, i die." there was my bag, over 50% off glowing in the corner with a choir of angels surrounding it.

i love it. i have been seen in public petting it. there are times where i bury my nose in the soft leather straps to take a deep sniff of the intoxicating leather. it's soft and it's fun and it's pretty and it's well-lined and it's big enough to hold things but not too big that things get lost in it. and if my fiance weren't a little bit cuter than it (or if my purse cleaned the dishes like he does), i might be marrying it instead of him.

behold, the lovely.

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  1. wow! that is OMG drop dead just plain old pretty!