Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the awesomeness of kendi everyday

ok, can we just take a second and reflect on how awesome kendi lea is?  i frequent a lot of style blogs (thanks google reader!) but there are none that i consistently love as much as kendi everyday.  if i weren't shorter and squatter than her, i would seriously dress like her every single day.  but i am shorter and squatter and that's okay, because her style is easy to alter a little bit to work for me.  if you're into everyday street-style fashion, i highly recommend checking out her blog.  added bonus:  she's super funny and down-to-earth, too.  here are some of my favorite kendi looks (all photos from her hubs, bryan skeen):


  1. THANK YOU for the kind kind words and the feature! Your blog is adorable, by the way. Love the background! :)

  2. You are welcome - and thank YOU! For the comment, the compliment, and the fashion inspiration. Hooray lady blogs!